Seasonal Anxiety. 

Seasonal anxiety. It’s a real thing. And I definitely have it. September rolls around and the buzz of fall fever is everywhere. Pumpkin spice everything, flannel, scarves,  leaves changing colors, all of it. Don’t get my wrong I feel it too, I break out my plaid, plan a trip the Little Farmer, and indulge in a caramel apple spice, or ten (not a fan of pumpkin spice anything really, I know, GASP!) Then middle of October arrives and the once slightly brisk, sunny, perfect fall days slowly get replaced by cold, wet, dreary fall days. That’s when it sets in. Seasonal anxiety.

I told my parents when I was in first grade (maybe even kindergarten) I was going to college in Hawaii. I didn’t like the cold. I didn’t like Wisconsin. High school graduation rolled around and although I didn’t quite make it to Hawaii, I did leave for Tennessee. Promising to only return for visits and hoping to move even farther south after graduation. Then my heart made other plans. I came home for the summer, fell in love with my husband and the rest is history. He sucked me back to the one place I swore I would never end up. Nothing but trouble that silly love thing is (wink, wink) makes us do all kinds of crazy things.

Today was one of those days I found the harsh reality of the long winter ahead really setting in. We love walking to the grocery store and getting what we need for dinner. We put the boys in the stroller and we are off. Except today was the first really chilly day which also meant bundling up the boys, blankets, hats, etc. The boys absolutely love being outside. No matter what we are doing. Outside is our happiest happy place. Now I am the first to admit babies and little ones bundled up is one of the cutest things ever (as you can tell from the abundance of photos of the boys in this post). And I sure do love cuddling up with my husband and watching a movie with a fire and cozy blankets.  However, a couple winter vacations to bundle up for would also allow for some cute pictures and cuddles before returning to daily swimsuit weather. I was so tempted to say “let’s just drive to the store” but then I realized if we start avoiding the cold already the winter season will feel even longer. We have to enjoy being outside while we can. Nothing is better than fresh air. So our bundled family was off to the store.

Seasons are great. I am all for having seasons. I want to wear plaid and visit pumpkin patches, I don’t mind a couple inch or two snowfalls. I love the color and beauty of spring. And I of course love the hot sunshine in summer. But it always feels like winter heavily outweighs the rest of seasons in Wisconsin. The days where it’s so frigid you can’t even breathe without it hurting, the days where it’s actually dangerous to be out in such cold temperatures, and the beautiful white fluffy snow that quickly turns into grey, sloppy slush. Before you say it, I know it isn’t all bad. I don’t want to be negative and spend all my time complaining. Wisconsin can be amazing. It has some beautiful weather and is great for raising a family. But that winter sure does get long. And although I try my best to enjoy Wisconsin for all it has to offer (because let’s face it for now we are kind of trapped, haha). I still have my moments of imagining our littles growing up with sand between their toes and sunshine year round. I still have my days of dreading the winter and not wanting to miss the hot sun. Today was just one of those days (but gosh did our boys look adorable all bundled up).

I can’t change the fact that winter is coming  (although I pretty much feel like Owen in that last picture knowing it is, haha) so for now I’m going to enjoy the beautiful days while they are here and not complain about the 50 degree weather because all too soon this will seem warm. For now we settle for winter getaways to warm destinations. Oh and falling in love with Taylor and having our beautiful growing family to snuggle makes having to love Wisconsin SO much easier.

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