Quirks and all. 

I decided to switch it up for this post and write about the other “boy” in my life…my husband. Just a short little post about married life so far. Taylor and I have been married almost two years, (in January!) and have settled right into married life.

Truthfully other than my name, not much has changed. We have been together over five years and living together for over four years. However, this morning I was reminded of one thing that has changed. As I walked down the stairs, I saw it. The infamous milk cup. Let me explain. Close to every single night Taylor has a glass of milk (and more times than not some cookies with it). We always do Kaiden’s bedtime routine and tuck him in together. Then Taylor heads downstairs to watch the news, while I go nurse Owen to sleep. After watching the news he comes up to join me in bed. Which also means he’s the last one to tidy up at night, and he really does a good job for the most part. But it never fails. In the morning that cup will be on the counter. Oh, and it always has one sip of milk left in it, which now has a slight smell to it. Now you may be reading this and thinking where is she going with this? Well this is one of those quirks about him I never noticed or paid much attention to until those rings were on our fingers.

 (Although I swear he never used to do this, he insists he always has) 

Now, I could let that milk cup drive me crazy and irritate me (but that would be letting him win, wink wink) but instead I smile. Ok before you say “how cheesy”. There are definitely days I can’t stand rinsing that milk cup and loading it in the dishwasher for the thousandth time. But the thing I love is that it’s those little things that only a wife would know about. It’s those little quirks that make him, him. I go downstairs and always find pee (TMI sorry haha) in the toilet unflushed, he insists flushing would wake the boys (it wouldn’t but it’s sweet he thinks of them). The shower curtain is always half open and his towel is hung up just a little bit crooked (hey at least it’s hung, can’t complain too much on that one). All these little things I wake up to make me giggle and shake my head. Some days I find myself saying “seriously how hard is it to put the tv remote away?” or “what is so hard about folding the blanket after you use it?” But at the end of the day, I love those little things. Not to mention I know I also have my quirks so I have to be careful before throwing stones, haha.

Enter. The empty milk cartoons. Who would have thought milk would cause such “tension” in a marriage, haha. I have this horrible habit of pouring the last bit of milk into Kaiden’s sippy cup and putting the empty carton back info the fridge. I know. It’s weird. I insist it’s so I remember to buy more milk but really it’s because at the moment I don’t feel like rinsing it and walking it into the garage to the recycling bin. It drives Taylor crazy. He jokes around with me and playfully pretends to pour himself a glass of imaginary milk. But trust me, he too has his moments of “seriously?! why would you put this back in here!” I also need every toy to be put back in the right spot, I fluff the couch cushions the minute someone stands up and I am horrible at keeping my closet clean (just to name a few).

These little things may seem so small, meaningless and silly. But when you marry someone you marry them quirks and all. It would be so easy to let the small things you once found charming turn into things that annoy you or that you resent. I hope Taylor and I always find a way to laugh and joke about each others quirks. To be silly together and to live life lightheartedly. I’m not saying we don’t/won’t have days where we drive each other crazy but for the most part I hope we continue to spend more days laughing than bickering. We both love messing with each other so although I’m going to go get more milk today I plan on hiding it in the garage fridge just to watch his face as he goes to pour that glass of milk tonight, hehe. I’m sure his sassy return prank will be just as silly. That’s what keeps life fun. I love that man, quirks and all♡

(But seriously rinse your damn cup;) 

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