New house bed. 

“Mama! Daddy! Look at my new house bed!” Our two (almost three, let me pause and wipe away my tears) year old ran through the house yelling this for hours tonight. His smile extra wide. I might be getting a little ahead of myself though… this morning Taylor and I looked at each other and decided it was time. It was time to take down our first born son’s crib and transition him to a big boy bed. He had only climbed out once (when he was about 18 months old) and it scared him out of trying it again so we weren’t worried about that. . He is such a great sleeper every night and takes a 3 hour nap every day. To be honest, he loved his crib and would have continued sleeping in it for quite awhile most likely. We also weren’t in any kind of rush to kick him out of it (personally not a believer in taking away children’s comfort items just based on a timeline or certain age milestone) So why transition him? Mostly because we love a good project, it was also inevitable that at some point the crib would have to go, and his face lit up at the suggestion of it. 

We explained to Kaiden that Daddy was going to build him a big boy house bed (just a simple wooden frame that looks like a house around a twin mattress on the ground). His face just absolutely lit up. He begged us to put his shoes on and “go to menards!” His excitement grew as each piece of wood was loaded onto the cart. His little body almost burst when they had to use a special fork lift to get his new twin mattress down, “a special machine for my new bed!” I now realize that this whole time I was so caught up in watching the joy on our little boy’s face that I didn’t know how emotional the rest of the day would be for me.

Taylor loaded up the supplies and headed for home while the boys and I went to get him some new bedding. As we pulled into Target Kaiden said “cake pop and a new bed, you the best, mama!” (Yes we go to Target a LOT and yes it usually starts with a few goodies from Starbucks, haha). Owen was peacefully sound asleep in his carseat for his afternoon nap so I loaded him into the cart and was able to give Kaiden all my attention for his big day. Off to the bedding we went. I told him I would choose his comforter but he could choose his sheets. He “loved the shark ones” but ultimately couldn’t say no to the cactus print ones, “those are prickly mama”. (He learned the word cactus on our last trip to Arizona and became somewhat obsessed). I found a two tone gray quilt that was the perfect weight, not too bulky and would match his room perfectly. Oh and thank goodness for the college dorm room clearance stuff…hello body pillow and cozy gray cover! We had made our picks and were ready to go help Daddy at home.

Taylor had finished the two side frames by the time we arrived and it was time to head up to his room to start assembling. I think for both Kaiden and I this is when things started to get real, real fast. As we moved his crib and started to take it apart he said “go in my brown one” (meaning his crib). We stopped and asked him if he wanted to sleep in his new big boy house bed or if he wanted to sleep in his crib, wondering if maybe he would have a harder time that we originally thought. “House bed” he replied and instantly got his toolbox to “help” Daddy take apart the crib. As I watched it be taken down piece by piece I couldn’t help but think back to when I was 5 months pregnant and built the crib myself (stubbornly refusing to wait for Taylor to get home from work to help me). Or the time we couldn’t wait to see him lay in his very own crib when we first came home from the hospital. As I sit hear typing this tears are streaming down my face. It feels like this all happened yesterday. I know everyone always says that but the second you become a parent you instantly realize how unbelievably true it is. Time is such a thief. Soak up the moments and don’t let them slip by. They may seem ordinary at the time but someday they will mean everything. Our baby boy, in the blink of an eye, is growing up. We can’t stop that from happening but what we can do is love and cherish the stage we are in while we are in it because all too soon he will be even older than he is today.

We finished assembling his new big boy bed and it was time for Daddy and Kaiden to go play outside while I organized and put finishing touches on his new room. Our house was a disaster and I couldn’t wait to see the finished product. By this time it was time for another nap for Owen, I nursed him to sleep (soaking up the snuggles extra as I imagined the day he get his first boy boy bed, ugh stop that he’s just a baby!) Once he was settled in his crib, it was time for this mama to make some magic happen. I gathered some of Kaiden’s favorite toys and made sure every thing he shouldn’t have access to was out of reach or locked in his closet. About an hour later it was time for the big reveal.

He walked inside and ran up to his room. “My new bed! I love it! It’s a house! Daddy built that for me!” He rambled on and on. We spent the remainder of the evening hanging out together in his room, laughing and snuggling on his big boy bed (he was so excited we all could fit now). Bedtime rolled around and Taylor and I began to wonder if it was going to be an absolute disaster, was he really ready? What have we gotten ourselves into? Is he going to just play all night? Will he even sleep? It was time to find out.  He brushed his teeth, we put him in his pjs and he excitedly jumped into his new bed. He said “snuggle me, mama”. (Thank you sweet boy you knew exactly what mama needed to hear.) And as I laid in our first baby’s big boy bed I realized that although watching him grow up is so extremely hard on my heart, he is such an amazing little boy and I could not be more proud of him. I tucked him and left my big boy to fall asleep for the first time in his very own big boy bed. He came to the door and yelled “Love you, mama! Love you, daddy! Love you, Owen!” one more time, parked his truck in his bed and climbed back under the covers like he had been doing it for months. I watched on the monitor as he rubbed his head (his little ritual to fall asleep that started when he was a baby and I used to run my fingers through his hair while he nursed), and hummed himself to sleep. I am still in total shock at how perfectly it went. I guess he was truly ready, which makes my heart so happy. 

I never knew how emotional a few pieces of wood and some nails could make me but in a single day our “baby” officially turned into our “big boy” and my oh my, do we love him so ♡

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