My Top 15 Favorite Toys, Right Now! 

Yes, you read that right. I might have said this post would be my top 10 but just couldn’t narrow it down! Now, anyone with even a little experience with little ones knows an entertained child, is a happy child. Don’t get me wrong there are times my 8 month old would rather have an empty water bottle to crinkle than a perfectly designed, age-appropriate toy. Or the times my two year old is happy as can be using a stick to dig in the dirt. I love those times and truly think they are so important to childhood memories and development. However, when the random items I hand Owen as we walk through the store or the stick in the park I describe to Kaiden as “a special stick” just aren’t cutting it, these are my top 15 go-to toys, right now (in no particular order).

1. Indestructibles

Link to book

Let me say it as simply as I possibly can. These books are amazing. They are exactly what they say INDESTRUCTIBLE. When a baby “reads” a book it is often not with their eyes but rather their mouth. These books won’t tear, no little soggy pieces will end up in their mouths, and the best part? They can be thrown into the washing machine if they start to get yucky. We have a few different ones and I keep them stashed all over the place… in both cars, the diaper bag, the boy’s rooms, etc. They also were my go-to when Kaiden started wanting to take a book in his crib at night but couldn’t be trusted with a board book yet (learned this the hard way, oh good morning pages of our favorite book no longer held together anymore)

2. B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube

Link to activity cube

I am definitely one of those mamas who finds a brand she loves and sticks with it (this will become even more apparent as we continue on through the list). B. Toys are modern, quirky, bright, fun, creative and also from a company who cares about the planet (read more about them on their website (link here). Although we didn’t have this until Kaiden was a year old (I instantly wished I had bought it sooner) this activity cube is perfect for babies from close to day one (Owen loved staring at it and reaching for the bright colors during tummy time and is currently loving using it to pull himself up) all the way through toddlerhood (Kaiden still loves to guide the beads through the turns on top or practice his letters on the side). It’s a pricier item but will be used for years to come, not to mention it’s one I don’t mind displaying in the living room (it’s adorable!)

3. Small World Toys- Little Handyman Toolbox

Link to toolbox

As a mama of boys I quickly learned if something is “broken” (actually or pretend) it’s even better than it was before. Kaiden is his daddy’s shadow. So right around the time he first helped daddy do a job around the house I knew finding our little boy a toolbox of his own was a must. This “little” toolbox packs a big punch. It has close to every tool a mini fixer could possibly need and yet is small enough to carry from job to job. (They also have a jumbo tape measure that is so sturdy and also a big hit) Link to tape measure

4. Fat Brain Toys Kids Spinagain Stacker & Mini Spinny 

Link to large stacker

Link to mini spinny

I think it’s pretty safe to say close to every baby/toddler has a stacker toy at some point. They all are very similar, which is why when I found this Spinagain Stacker I loved that it was unique. The “stick” has grooves (ok this is harder to explain that I thought haha bear with me) so that when the pieces are placed onto it they spin down rather than just drop. The “stick” also can be removed from the base so holding it up and watching them spin and crash to the floor is half the fun! Both boys absolutely love it (alright I have to admit Taylor and I have been known to play with it ourselves a time or two). The colors are vibrant and it is well made. The Mini Spinny is very similar and perfect for on the go! (except the pieces can’t come off so no having to keep track of them).

5. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set (in tints)

Link to block set

These blocks are pricy but once again this company does amazing things and truly cares. They also are high quality and will be played with for many years so the price is more understandable (more about their story on their website here). Kaiden is a building machine. His new favorite phrase when Taylor walks in after work is “build a house, daddy.” (mama builds with him during the day too but I’m not quite as “skilled”, how quickly little ones catch on) We also have a different set of non magnetic blocks which he also will play with but these seem to take the frustration out of building. The magnets are strong and help hold his creations together. Even with magnets inside of them they appear seamless (I still don’t understand how they get those in there). The set we have came with wheels which are a huge hit (can also be purchased separately). I would say these are currently the most used toy for Kaiden. Watching him be creative with what he builds is adorable and makes me so proud. I also love that I feel comfortable letting Owen join in on the fun and chew on them. With multiple sets available you can choose the one(s) best suited to your needs/price range.

6. B. Colossal Carousel Bells

Link to carousel bells

These brightly colored bells spin and come with a mallet to make beautiful music and sounds. Kaiden is a pro and loves to say each color before he hits that particular bell or have me tell him which color to hit (I love that he’s learning without realizing it). Although they say ages 3+ (which makes no sense to me especially for Kaiden at age two) Owen already loves holding the mallet out while I spin it for him. He is even beginning to hit the bells himself and giggles with pride when it works out as planned.

7. Fisher-Price Bright Beats Juniors Beatbo 

Link to beatbo junior

I’m not sure what it is about this musical, dancing robot that my boys love so much (especially Owen right now) but their eyes light up when they play with him. We have the larger Beatbo (Link to large beatbo) as well but I love the fact that this one can easily travel with us and Owen can easily hold it. It is quite loud (why do they always make kids toys so obnoxiously loud) but I solved that with a small piece of cute duct tape over the speaker (you will find a lot of toys in our house with that same “fix”, have to protect those little eardrums, not to mention us parent’s sanity, wink wink!)

8. Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Backpack (in Darby Dog)

Link to toddler backpack

Now this might seem like a strange item for a “toys list”. So let me explain…Kaiden thinks packing up his special treasures or favorite little cars is “the coolest”. He will spend close to an hour finding the perfect collection of things to place in it to carry around the house. I also started letting him pack it up himself when we go to the store, on a vacation or to a friend/relatives house. He loves getting to be a “big boy” and I love freeing up my already packed diaper bag. Not to mention how much my mama heart explodes (and aches thinking of him going to school, ugh stop that) seeing him carry it! Skip hop makes a sturdy, perfectly sized, not to mention adorable toddler backpack for little ones! Take a look at all the different animal options and choose the one that best suits your mini (can’t wait to pick out Owen’s animal as well!) Oh, and did I mention they make matching little suitcases, Kaiden has the doggie one (so many heart eyes)!

9. B. Toys B. One Two Squeeze Blocks

Link to blocks

These numbered blocks (1-10) are soft, flexible, stackable and just plain fun. Perfect for teething babies but can the also become a building toy for older toddlers. Kaiden’s favorite thing to do is to load them into his giant dump truck (number 10 on the list!) and drive them around the house. They are extremely basic and I was actually surprised to be placing them on the list but they are played with in some way by both boys almost every single day! Oh and they squeak, Owen really likes that.

10. Circo Jumbo Dump Truck

(no link available, details below)

I bought this dump truck at Target at the end of the summer season two years ago. If I’m being honest I loved that it was bright fun colors (instead of the traditional yellow dump trucks you always see) and that it was on clearance (only $12, this is what Target mamas dreams are made of). I really wasn’t sure how much it would be used and Kaiden was a little young for it at the time. Well it was a great impulse buy. Over the past two years Kaiden has used it as a ride on toy (not meant to be but it works!) and as his go to means of moving things around the house. Even as I type this Owen is pushing it back and forth by my feet and crawling after it when it gets away from him. It would also be perfect to take to the beach or use in a sandbox (we just decided to keep it as an indoor toy). This thing is well made and has taken lots of tough love while still managing to look basically brand new. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be available at Target currently but watch for it in stores because I saw one recently (different colors but same truck).

11. B. Under the Sea Jamboree Octopus, Baby B. Squeezy Zeeby Zebra & Baby B. Talk-Back Plush Fox

Link to octopus

Link to zebra

Link to fox

I decided to group these three together into one because they are all B. toys brand (there’s that brand yet again, LOVE it) and are plush animals that each do a little something special. The octopus has different sounds/instruments assigned to each tentacle, you can also play more than one at a time to create all different sounds and melodies. Both boys love creating music and snuggling with this adorable little toy. The zebra is an easy to use accordion that is sure to make your little ones giggle (it is also made of a soft silicone material which Owen loves to chew on and has crinkle feet.) Lastly the fox…this little guy is too cute. When you press his belly he begins to “listen” after about 30 seconds he repeats what he heard in his own little high pitched fox voice (yes, Taylor and I have definitely used this to be silly with each other AFTER the babies were in bed, hahaha). He is also super soft and great for cuddling.

12. Skip Hop Explore & More Follow-Me Bee Crawl Toy

Link to bee crawling toy

Owen is LOVING his relatively new found skill and this toy is perfect for showing it off. (videos can be found on my Instagram, on site homepage) This toy has a bumblebee rattle that sits on top of a base. There are two settings (circle mode and random mode) which let you decide where the base will “travel”. The rattle must be placed on the base for it to go and once baby picks up the bee rattle the base stops and spins in a tight circle playing a special sound. The music is pleasant (not annoying at all) and it lights up adding to baby’s excitement! Owen caught on almost immediately (he is even starting to know how to put the bee back for it to start going again). Nothing is sweeter than his proud smile one he finally catches the bee!

13. Baby B. Alpha B. Tical Puzzle

Link to puzzle

We LOVE puzzles in this house. Lately it’s been all about this particular one. Kaiden is really starting to love learning his letters “m for mama, d for daddy, o for Owen”, etc.) and he is getting really good! This is the perfect puzzle to continue to work on that skill. It is brightly colored, made of strong, smooth wood, and even has pictures behind each letter to offer hints as to where each one goes, I love watching him love to learn, all while having fun!

14. B. Rally Ripster Remote Control Toy Car

Link to remote control car

This is hands down the best first remote control car for little ones. With only one button to push it is super easy to drive. It alternates going forward and spinning in a circle to turn different directions each time you hit the button (so it never gets too far away from them). It also lights up which only adds to the excitement! Kaiden first started “driving” it when he was right around a year old and has continued to play with it since (he also gets the adorable little concentration stuck out tongue face while he’s driving it (pictured above), ahhh major swoon).

15. Infantino Go GaGa Spiral Carseat Activity Toy

Link to spiral toy

This toy might seem boring compared to the rest but it’s been my go to quick grab toy for both boys. I always have it wrapped around the infant carseat and love it’s colors and patterns. There isn’t much to it but Kaiden absolutely loved it and now Owen does as well! It rattles, crinkles, has a little mirror, wooden teether (new version switched to silicone) and can be attatched to pretty much anything super easily!

(Ok secret time, don’t tell the husband I already bought the girl colored version for when we (fingers crossed) have girls. Shhhhh! It’s hiding right next to the adorable Oshkosh B’Gosh jean dress I couldn’t resist back when I was pregnant with Kaiden and didn’t know gender yet, hehe! (Can you blame me? Look at that picture, too sweet!) Absolutely LOVE my boys to death but at least one little girl would be amazing)

So there it is!  My top 15 favorite toys for our boys, right now. Although some might rotate in and out depending on their ages and what they are into at the time, these are the toys that we absolutely love! (and the ones I’m always finding out when I clean up) When looking for toys for our little ones I looks for some basic things…uniqueness, fun for a range of ages, learning qualities, aesthetically pleasing (because if the house is going to be full of toys why not have them be beautiful,right?), modern (with a little classic vibe), bright, cheerful, sturdy, able to withstand the test of time, and most of all its ability to help our babies use their imagination and be creative! I also LOVE buying products from companies who gives back in some way, it’s little things like that that can make a difference!

 Happy playing to you and your little ones ♡

All product links throughout post are to Amazon (although some are the best price always be sure to check around to make sure the price is the lowest you can find) Also no guarantee all items are currently available on Amazon (the links will help you find exact items name for searching elsewhere though) I do almost all my toy shopping (well really shopping period) at Target or on Amazon, hope that helps!  


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