The Mr. to my “Mrs.” & the minis to my “mama” 

It seems only fitting to start off with a little introduction to the ones who give me the titles I love so dearly.


I started dating my husband, Taylor, in July 2012, we were engaged May 18th, 2014 and said “I do” in Punta Cana on January 9th, 2016. I have known Taylor since I was a freshman in high school. He was my best friend’s older brother (a senior at the time). Although I tried my best to avoid him and his flirty advances, he won, as the rings on our fingers clearly show. But oh how happy I am to have “lost”. It has truly been a fairytale. Taylor swept me off of my feet at a time in my life when I really needed it. He is sweet, he spoils me, he makes me feel invincible. He works hard to make sure that we are provided for and I can stay home to raise our minis (something that is extremely important to us both). Oh, and talk about falling even more in love with your husband after seeing him become a daddy, 100%. Could not be more true. Our boys are so lucky. I always know that no matter what little arguments we have, (even fairytales have there less than perfect moments) or during phases of life where our marriage seems to take a backseat, we are a team. We love our minis with all of our hearts and that love comes from the love we have for each other. He is my superman, and I don’t tell him that nearly often enough.

Now let me take a minute to make something clear…I don’t want to come across as the woman who has this picture perfect marriage. We love to challenge each other and are both stubborn, which is fun and is often our way of being flirty with each other but it can be also a challenge at times. Marriage is work. Communication definitely takes time to master, if anyone ever truly can master it? (still a work in progress for us that’s for sure). We certainly have our moments, like any married couple, but at the end of the day we are in it until the end. We work hard everyday to laugh together and love each other through this crazy life.


Kaiden Jay. Our two year old.

Where to even begin. This little boy fills my soul with smiles. He was born October 14th, 2014 (he did not make that easy on me, to say the least, details in my next blog post on his birth story and yes for those of you who did the math I was about 4 months pregnant with him when we got engaged). Some might say he wasn’t “planned” but I prefer to say he was planned just “ahead of schedule”.  Not to mention he was the sweetest addition to our wedding (see picture below) and we can’t imagine him having not been there.

He is our first born. He made me a mama. From my minute I heard his sweet first cry my life and my heart was changed forever. I feel a love I can’t even begin to describe. He amazes me, makes me smile, makes me laugh, and makes me so incredibly proud. He was such a easy baby. Amazing sleeper, hardly cried, and absolutely precious. Watching him grow up these past two (almost three, ugh don’t remind me) years has been a complete joy. He went from a happy-go-lucky baby to a fun-loving toddler.

Kaiden is the little boy who is up for anything. He is pure boy, anything with a truck and a trailer and he is a happy camper. He loves adventures, is ALWAYS smiling and has the cutest little personality.  We have such a special bond because for over two years (before he became a big brother) it was just Kaiden and mama during the weekdays. As if I couldn’t love him more he also instantly turned into the sweetest big brother and adjusted so well to having to share his mama’s love. So that’s our Kaiden, our first born who officially gave me the title of, mama.

Owen Kenneth. Our 8 month old.

Owen was born on November 29th, 2016 (wanting to be like his brother from the start, he also did not make this easy on me, more in his upcoming birth story post as well). Owen instantly just “fit”. He is laid back, smiley, a good sleeper (starting to sound familiar? Yea I’m pretty convinced I actually have twins that were born two years apart).

Owen is the baby who thinks he is already a toddler and is constantly trying to keep up with his big brother. It must be a second born thing. “A baby toy? Ha! You must be joking right mama? I’ll play with my big brother’s trucks that are bigger than me!” He is my snuggle bug and such a mama’s boy (mmmh I love that). I love seeing his little personality form and watching his proud smile everytime he accomplishes something (um talk about determined, this baby won’t give up until he has what he wants, with two stubborn, headstrong parents this is no surprise) Watching him study and examine every move Kaiden makes fills my heart with joy. He lights up the minute his big brother enters the room. Their bond is just beginning and already so strong. Owen makes me smile, gives me the best cuddles, and has a giggle that warms my heart.  That’s Owen, our second born. Who taught me that a mama’s love is one of the only things that can be divided and actually grow even stronger.

So that’s me. I’m a mama & I’m a wife, just loving my beautiful, happy, blessed, crazy, hectic, fun, love-filled life, each and every day. ♡

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