Why Blog? Why now?


So many have them. Even more read them.


I read a few blogs, mostly ones written by mama’s like me. I love reading about how other mama’s day to day life goes, love seeing the photos they share, love hearing what products they love for their littles, and of course love being able to relate to their stories about this crazy adventure called motherhood. I have often thought about starting a blog but never did…until now that is. I was the person who always thought “my life isn’t exciting enough”, “what will I talk about”, “what if no one reads it”, “I’ll have so many typos” etc. Which to be honest, those thoughts are still circling my mind as I sit here writing my first post.

Writing down my thoughts and feelings was always an outlet for me when I was younger. I was that teenager with the journal that you needed a secret code to open (ok, ok I’ll admit I forgot my code and eventually broke it open with a hammer years later) Major letdown as it turns out my deepest, darkest teenage secrets were not as exciting as I remembered them to be. However, as that teenage girl those words and that journal were my outlet, my escape, my place to gather my thoughts and above all my place to make sense of the emotional rollercoaster known as the teenage years. Then, like with so many things, time gets away from us. Writing as an outlet took a backseat to school essays and assignments. That journal was thrown into a drawer and the words stopped.

But today? Now? Long gone are those emotional teenage years, no more school assignments and writing because I have to. Now I am a wife. I am a mama.  Two titles that mean everything to me. (I’ll get into the details of the amazing individuals who give me those beloved titles later.) Although I don’t have constant free time (those babies of ours keep me busy) to write I do have nap times and after we tuck our sweet babies into bed. So what better time than now to return to my love of writing because I WANT to, not because I have to.

So to answer my own question, “why blog? why now?” I say “why not?” My life as a mama is so full and brings me so much joy and happiness, why not share it with others? So whether these words; my stories, my advice, my simple stay at home mama blog reaches one person or a thousand people…this blog will be a place where I reflect and share what I love most about being “mama all day” and oh my, do I love it♡

Stay tuned for my next post which will provide a little background about myself, my husband and our littles.


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